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Content Curation

What is Content Curation?

Why Is It Valuable for Your Business?


Content Curation

Content Curation is a marketing staple for many companies with a successful online presence.

Content Curation is the process of discovering, gathering, and presenting relevant digital content that attracts and engages your Target Market.

Content Curation is similar to what a museum curator does to produce an exhibition:

- Identify the Topic/Theme/Keywords
- Search for the Current News and Relevant Context
- Decide what Content will be displayed for the public
- Properly Format, Search Engine Optimize and Post Curated Content

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As your Content Curator, we continually seek, collect, configure, post and share the best and most relevant content on your particular topic online.  WMS has integrated the necessary tools and skill into our daily routine to provide you the latest, most relevant daily news.


For most companies, Content Curation is being used to drive Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Content Curation increases website exposure when that topic is searched.


“Content Curation helps find, organize and share content online to ensure that your site is constantly delivering updated, highly topical, keyword-rich content — making it a natural winner in the battle of Search Engine Optimization.”


“Sites that use content curation update frequently, and search engines tend to reward these up-to-date sites by indexing them more often.”


“The content you curate for your chosen topic will automatically include the most popular search terms within your area of interest,” which can boost search result rankings.